Arbour, Roses & Peonies

The best surprise about our garden has been the amount of peonies we have – 6 light pinks in the front, and 1 gorgeous deep pinky/purpley one in the back.

This arbour is the focal point of our garden right now – notice the yellow roses on the left, and the smaller red rose on the right. Hoping next year the red rose will climb up a bit more, but all-in-all – very happy!

Here’s a close-up of a peony. I love the fullness, looks like a “pouf of peony”.

I also took a picture of an unopened peony – I think it’s pretty interesting that peonies need ants in order to open properly.

And last – a light-pink in full bloom.


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Daffodils, and Two Other “Unknowns”

Here were some more surprises in my garden.

First – the daffodils. These are beautiful – and I never noticed until now that they are star-shaped. How gorgeous is that?!


Next up is this little tiny blue flower. I have always loved forget-me-nots – but these are not the same. They’re still beautiful – I just don’t know what they are!

Lastly – this flower was on a tree:

Here’s a shot of it hiding in the little green “buds” surrounding it. Anyone know what this is?

Taking these pictures has really allowed me to focus in on the intricacies and the details in nature. Love it.

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Little Purple Flowers – “Muscari”

So, these little purple flowers are popping up EVERYWHERE on our property. I really love them – they’re a beautiful deep purple, bell-like flower. My wonderful and smart sister-in-law told me that they’re called “Muscari”. Who knew?

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Gorgeous Weather, New Area

Finally the weather is beautiful again. Not that winter isn’t beautiful… it is, I just prefer spring, especially for taking pictures outside.

So, we’ve moved since the last time I posted something, and with the new area comes new surroundings. I’ll post some pictures of our new life, in our new backyard. It’s been so much fun exploring the yard, and watching what naturally blooms here.

What a nice surprise when the tulips started coming up!

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I never saw the beauty in dandelions until I had my two-year-old show me the light.


They really are quite intricate when you take a good look at them.

Straight-on shot

Straight-on shot

"Pretty yellow"

"Pretty yellow"

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Turkeys in the Backyard

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, primarily because we’ve been very busy packing and then moving into my parent’s house while renovations are being completed on our new house.

My parents live in a house that backs onto the forest in a suburb – and they have lots of different wildlife that live in their yard. My dad took this picture the other day of a bunch of turkeys that were wandering around out there, so I thought I’d share:

3 turkeys

3 turkeys

and here’s a close-up of one:

Turkey - close-up

Turkey - close-up

Happy Thanksgiving.


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Raindrops in the Garden

It rained today. And it left the most beautiful drops.

Hanging drop.

Hanging drop.

This one was my favorite drop:

Drop on sedum.

Drop on sedum.

It happened to have that same spider I captured from the other day, just hanging on his web:

Raindrop & spider.

Raindrop & spider.

Everyday I check on my tomatoes to see how they’re coming along. It’s the first year I planted vegetables, and I went a bit crazy, planting about 14 tomato plants. The raindrops make them look even more exciting.

Drops on tomatoes.

Drops on tomatoes.

 And lastly – just a pretty shot of some drops on a rose of sharon flower. 

Drops on rose of sharon.

Drops on rose of sharon.

They’re pretty.

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