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Caterpillar in Sedum

Caterpillar in Sedum

In the sedum.

Again today, I thought he was gone. I woke up this morning thinking that I shouldn’t have put him in the creeping jenny, because if he moved anywhere he would be very hard to find under all the ground cover. When I went to check, I couldn’t find him – until I looked inside the sedum that’s also growing in the barrel. I found him – he seems happy enough.


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Caterpillar – Lost!!?? And Then Found.

Caterpillar crawling down the deck

What a scare we had today! Just yesterday, my husband warned me not to get too attached to this little creature. And today – I nearly had a heart attack when I went out to check up on him, and found that he had disappeared from the parsley patch! I looked around… and then down… waaaaay down. I found him crawling down the side of the deck.

Fewf, was I relieved!

It’s a pretty amazing feat for such a little guy… he was very far down. The parsley pot is way up on the railing of my deck, and for him to have crawled up and over the pot, and then all the way down… pretty impressive.

Not really knowing what his intentions were, I helped him out (I hope!) by placing him, ever so gently, into the barrel of plants I have (just to the right in the picture).

In the barrel.

In the barrel on the creeping jenny.

I placed him on the creeping jenny (it’s my favorite plant… it’s a beautiful colour and really makes the garden look good, I think). I hope he can survive in there… I’m going to research and see if he can eat that, or if he’d prefer something else. Hopefully he’s still there tomorrow.

If anyone has any opinions about that, please share.

July 18, 2009 at 2:20 am 2 comments

Caterpillar Eating Parsley

Caterpillar eating.



I couldn’t help it. I was watching this little guy eating parsley, and I had to capture the moment… even though he eats ALOT of the time.

He’s getting bigger and bigger. I hope he has enough to eat. If not, I’ll have to plant more parsley for him.

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Caterpillar on Parsley



So this little caterpillar has inspired me. He lives on a piece of parsley in my little herb garden on my deck.

I love him. So I took pictures of him… and realized I really enjoy taking pictures of little things in nature that don’t usually get noticed.


Side profile. He's stunning.

July 15, 2009 at 6:06 pm 2 comments



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